Something About The Rain…

Rain.  There’s something about a rainy day that brings out the melancholy in me.  The sound of the drops striking a staccato rhythm on the roof almost puts me in a trance.  It’s raining now…and I’ve just finished emptying the tears that have been welling up inside me for weeks now.  Cleansed, this veil is lifted (temporarily at least) enough to write a moment.

Many weeks have passed since my last post.  Time doesn’t even exist anymore.  There are simply days.  String several of them together, and you have a week.  A few weeks together…a month.  My absences hasn’t been idle.  In fact, I’ve been extremely busy with work, the foundation and trying to maintain some semblance of a family life after Mia’s passing.  None of which have been easy.  And yet I persevere…

God has me and my family in His arms.  I know this, yet often forget of late.  The pain we endure is something that cannot be accurately described.  The only way you will know how horrible it can be is if you have experienced it yourself.  And I pray that you never have to.  Today, after this cry, I am somewhat relieved.  The pain has somewhat subsided…for the moment.

I know that it will return.  I know that the road ahead is long.  I know that there will be bumps and dips…lows and highs…laughter and tears.  I also know that there will be times, like now, when I feel so very alone.  These times are the most critical.  These are the times when I need Him the most.

Are you in pain (physical or emotional) today?  Do you need His warmth and love to wrap themselves around you and hold you until you can’t contain it any longer?  Are you in a place where you can’t see Him or hear His voice?  If so, simply cry out.  Cry out until there’s no voice left.  Cry out until you feel His presence reach through to your very soul, grasp your heart in both hands and begin to infuse it with His healing power.

If you can’t, that’s okay.  He will reach out to you where you are.  Just be still in your agony.  Help is on His way.

There’s something about the rain…


15 responses to “Something About The Rain…

    • Thank you, Bonnie…it really was. I wish that I were more inspired lately, but I guess that’s why God started me writing this blog in the first place. To write when He wants me to…

  1. “The pain we endure is something that cannot be accurately described. The only way you will know how horrible it can be is if you have experienced it yourself. And I pray that you never have to.” How true, Guy. I am thankful that you felt God’s peace today and know that He has you and your family in His arms, even when you don’t feel His presence. God bless you brother. I will be praying for you. ~Andy

  2. Reblogged this on Ephesians 5:16 and commented:
    Brother Guy Wolfe wrote a heart-felt post today about his journey through grief. He touched on emotions and thoughts that I have also experienced on my journey. I was greatly blessed and helped and hope that you will be also. Please lift up the Wolfe family in your prayers to our loving Heavenly Father.

    • You’re very welcome, MJ. And I’ve missed being here and reading all of your wonderful posts as well. Maybe this is the cracking of the shell that seems to be encompassing me of late.

  3. There is something about grief – we try and try to hold it inside but there is some sort of odd healing in our tears. We remember the good “times of their life” through our memories and smile yet we purge the awful pain through our tears.
    You and the family are in my prayers
    God Bless

    • Thank you, Jessica. We appreciate them! I don’t see Mia’s situation as being poor, though. Sure, we feel her loss every day (some more than others). What I keep reminding myself is that she wouldn’t come back if she had the chance…she’s in the most beautiful place imaginable, and thankfully, she’s in my future and not my past 🙂 Be blessed…

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