Look Up…

I realize that I’ve been away for awhile, but that’s not by choice.  God has had me busy of late with taking care of Lena and the girls, starting our foundation (The Baby Butterfly Foundation for SIDS Outreach), trying to find a job and just coping with life after loss in general.  I’ve always tried to write when He prompts me to do so, and today you get another post…sort of.

A couple months ago, while searching for resources for SIDS families, I came across a site that was advertising the launch of an online magazine called Still Standing.  It’s completely dedicated to supporting families and individuals who are “embracing life after loss and infertility.”  There was a form for submissions, and I felt led to write a piece for them.  There seems to be a lack of representation from the male perspective concerning grief across the entire grieving spectrum, and seeing as how I like to run my mouth (or fingers as the case may be), I sent in the post that follows.  It went live today!

Please take a second to give it a read, and share as you feel led.  I pray that it blesses you and your family in some small way.  Thank you, Franchesca, for making a difference in the lives of those who grieve with you…of those who embrace life after loss with you.

Here’s the link… Look Up


8 responses to “Look Up…

  1. Awesome & powerful article, Guy. It will indeed help people to look up and reach out for God when in a crisis. You’ve planted seeds of inspiration!
    May God Bless you & your family mightily!

    • I pray it does. I could barely see the keyboard when I wrote it. The tears were flowing freely that night. And thank you for the prayers as well…

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