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You remember it vividly when you first experience the presence of our Heavenly Father.  The first time for me was right before the birth of my first daughter, Caitlin.  It was the day that I gave my life over to Him.  The years following were full of ups and downs, being on fire for God and sliding back into self (as is human nature).  Looking back on those years, I don’t think I can really recall experiencing that feeling again.  Until now.

For any of you who may not be familiar with the story, you can catch the full version here (  To paraphrase it, the presence of the Holy Ghost was all over me when He led me to begin writing HGB.  Over the first couple of months, every time I felt connected to God’s word and what He wanted me to see, I would get these “tears and tingles”…goosebumps from God.  I’ve found that when you become plugged into what the Savior wants you to do in life, you become even more aware of His presence around you and in all things.  Which brings me to this post.

I’ve been under conviction lately that I’m to share with my readers stories of their own “goosebumps from God” moments.  So, here goes the call for those stories.  If you feel led to share how the Holy Ghost has made His presence felt in your life, how God has shown you He has you wrapped in His loving and secure embrace, please drop me a line.  Your story is your own, and I’ll only reprint them with permission.  I have no idea where God wants to take this, but if I’m to remain faithful to what He’s doing in my life, I have to put this out there.

I pray that by sharing your tales with me, and then on HGB, we can bless as many people as we can virtually reach with God’s glory, grace and faithfulness.

To submit your story, simply email me at  May He move through you, in you and around you today! 😀

*Note:  Please be sure to let me know if it’s okay to reprint your story.  Also, send the story via email instead of as a comment post.  I’ll be posting them on the Project HGB page.  Thank you :).


5 responses to “Project HGB…

  1. Afternoon Guy
    I was awakened in the night with Holy Ghost bumps
    the Lord is so amazing when He calls us
    I will go back to the beginning and let you know
    God Bless

  2. Ok – you asked for it – way back to the beginning when I started my blog – My blog started out with one theme and quickly (through God’s promptings) changed into another theme – Here’s to PRAISE!
    this writing was called: What the What?
    You may have noticed the blog-site name has been changed. I originally named the blog-site Stupid Parents Trailer Park. If you check out the archives or older posts, you will find stories of our family plus a compilation of characters based on facts with some fictitious “stuff” thrown in just to make sure no feelings are hurt. I wanted this blog-site about stories told and based around the goofy characters of my trailer park in the desert. I wanted to tell the bitter-sweet stories of parents struggling with their love of family and their feelings of bitterness when they just weren’t strong enough to watch their loved ones flounder financially. As I wrote furiously away, something changed inside of me.

    I was waking up in the middle of the night with story titles and long forgotten childhood memories. I was led to write more up-lifting stories and to explore bible verses to go along with each story. Believe me, none of this was my original intention for the blog but I could not rid myself of that middle of the night feelings; resting was out of the question. Some nights I was awake at three or four in the morning; not worrying but thinking, remembering and waiting for the light of the morning. Some nights I would awaken with just a title and no other direction.

    I grew up in a very traditional and ceremony-laden religion. When I was very young we went to religious education. The instructors, to teach us respect, would hand out holy cards to the first child who nodded their head when the name of Jesus was spoken. Being the competitive person I am and deciding to be the best Jesus-name-nodder ever; I wanted to have the most holy cards in the class. Picture this; a group of young children sitting on their bottoms listening to the instructor read aloud. As she read, any word and I mean any word, starting with the letter “J” or a word with a “J” sound; I would be nodding my head like the those little bobble-head doggie’s in a back seat of someone’s car. Did I receive a bunch of holy cards that year? You betcha! Did I learn anything about the bible, bible verses or about Jesus, Not!

    I have always believed in God but my church attendance followed the ebb and flow of the life stream. If life events were flowing and growing, I was attending church. If life events made a down-ward turn, I turned inward and away from God. I thought I could fix everything and everyone by loving them enough, doing enough and being enough. In reality I was making myself a mini-god, how pride-full is that? One day as I was reading in the Bible, God smacked me up-side the head! I lay awake in bed that night, with tears streaming down my face. Lord, nothing and I mean nothing is mine; it is all yours! I lay there naming myself and every person I love by name and gave them back to God. All my loved ones are His anyway, right? I have struggled and groused all these years wondering why I couldn’t find peace. Now I know why. I heard the word surrender but I didn’t know what surrender meant. Now when I get my Repair Shop ideas going on inside my head, I stop and say; I know, I know, Lord, surrender. I finally am learning to be still.

    Ok, back to the name change! I realized my writings had changed just like my faith has changed. I could no longer write about people and their bitterness. My motto for Stupid Parents Trailer Park was: You can either be stupid with bitterness or stupid with love. Well, I choose Love. If God is Love and the Bible is Truth and the Bible tells me if I draw closer to God; He will draw closer to me. There’s my Peace! Now that’s what I want to write about!

    • Praise God! Thank you so much for being the first to dive in and share your experience.:D My wife and I LOVED it. I truly am grateful to Him for leading me and all of who write for Him. And you’re right on the money when you say it’s so much better to write about the peace and love that comes from a relationship with our Heavenly Father. I’ll reprint your story on the Project HGB page where it’ll remain for some time to bless others the way it has me. May He continue to direct you with His ghostbumps :D.

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