WOOT! And The Liebster Goes To…

Before I get started on my acceptance speech, let me explain “WOOT!”  I’m a closet video game junkie (an outlet of mine that started waaaayyy back with, ahem…cough, cough…Colecovision and the Atari 2600…gasp!).  As such, there is a game I currently play called World of Warcraft.  In the game, “WOOT!” is an expression of great joy at an accomplishment.

Which is exactly how I feel in accepting the Liebster Award.  It’s an extremely creative networking tool for bloggers with fewer than 200 followers (definitely me), and it’s a great honor to receive.  Many thanks to Karin at http://myhmmmcollection.wordpress.com/ for the nomination.

So, now to fulfill my obligation to the time-honored tradition of the Liebster:

1)  Thanked Karin for her nomination.

2)  Linked back to her site (see previous paragraph).

3)  Posted a copy of the award (check out my side-bar).

4)  Nominate 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers (see below).

5)  Let them know that I nominated them (you’ll have to visit each one to see that they’ve been nominated…and I highly recommend that you do…you’ll truly be blessed by their writing as each has a passion for Christ).

Without further ado, the nominees are (queue cheezy drum-roll music):

1)  Susie at http://sptp2011.wordpress.com/ (she’s packed FULL of information that will bless you).

2)  LeRoy at http://butchdean.wordpress.com/ (a Master Wordsmith).

3)  Steve at http://stevewoodruff.wordpress.com/ (a fellow Yankee with a God-given gift).

4)  Melanie at http://youarecalled.wordpress.com/ (though I’ve only recently discovered her blog, she, too, has a great gift).


5)  Tamara at http://tamaraoutloud.com/ (I suspect she may have more than 200 followers, though I can’t be sure.  Her writing may be a bit irreverent for some (no offense, Tamara :)), but God has blessed her with a wonderful writing style and a wealth of subject matter to choose from…see http://tamaraoutloud.com/2010/07/28/adventures-in-vacation-bible-school-and-pole-dancing/…and you’ll understand :D)

Note:  If I broke any of the rules of engagement for the Liebster, I assure you it wasn’t intentional.  Liebster forgive me…



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