An Open Letter to My Heavenly Father on Father’s Day…


I wanted to take the time to write to You this Father’s Day because I haven’t seen You in a very long time (since before I was born actually :)).  I miss You terribly.  I know You’re here with me always, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that.  When things are going well, I find myself forgetting to talk to You…to thank You for what you’re doing in my life…to thank You for the things you’ve given me and done for me.  I have a tendency to praise myself for my success instead of giving You all the glory.  I think that’s something all of my brothers and sisters struggle with as well.  It takes the world closing in on me, threatening to swallow me up and spit me out in little pieces, to remind me to get on my knees and look for You.  I apologize for that.

The main reason for writing, though, is not to say I’m sorry.  Instead, I needed to let You know how much You mean to me…especially since I can’t buy anything for someone who has everything! 🙂  So, here are a few things I want to thank You for…

Thank You for being so kind, Father…kind enough to make me who I am and give me the material things that provide for me and my family.  Thank You for being so merciful…so much so that no matter how many times I screw up and get it wrong, You’re always willing to forgive me.  Thank You for Your grace…not only do You forgive my failings, but You continue to bless me and love me unfailingly.  Thank You for that love…for loving me soooo much that You sent Your only begotten Son to die for me.  I thank You for being a light unto my path when darkness begins to fall…for guiding me through my trials and tribulations.  Thank You for Your peace that falls over me when I embrace Your light…that peace that only comes from knowing that You’re in control of my life.

I realize that I may do many things that disappoint You.  You know I’m trying very hard to work on that.  And I know that it seems like I’m always asking You for something…healing, money, wisdom, strength, mercy, etc.  But, Father, I couldn’t do anything without You.  I couldn’t be successful at my job.  I couldn’t be a good father to my children, husband to my wife, brother to my sisters; son to my earthly father and mother.  I couldn’t be the man You’re calling me to be without You.  I couldn’t write this letter without You.  You are my everything, Father, and the thought of You and all You are sometimes moves me to tears.

I didn’t want to take it for granted that You know I feel this way.  I hope and pray that this letter finds You and gives You some small measure of the depths of my feelings for You.  I love You more than anything that You’ve put on this earth, Father, and I gladly give You my life.

Happy Father’s Day,



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