And Now Back to Our Show…The Power of Prayer Part II

On your knees.  In your car.  Sitting at your desk.  Walking in the woods.  At the birth of your child.  On a plane.  The list goes on and on and on and on.  You can talk to God ANYWHERE you feel led to…or need to.  As I mentioned in Day 1, prayer is the foundation for your relationship;  with God first, spouse and family second and everyone else third.  Praying openly with my wife that night, I felt an otherworldly peace and calm come over me.  I could feel Lena relax at my touch, at the sound of my voice calling upon our God to help us.  He wants us to communicate with Him.  He wants to hear how His children are doing.  He wants to hear what our needs are.  This is how I know…

It’s now Feb 14th, Valentine’s Day (well, not technically, but I’m using one of those time machine special effects…can you see the psychedelic swirls from the 60’s spinning and whirling before your eyes?).  Lena and I started the day off by praying together along with Makayla (I introduced you to her in the Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming).  We prayed that we would be protected as we traveled throughout the day.  We prayed for God’s continued blessings in our lives.  And we prayed that He would continue to open the doors that He wanted us to go through…coupled with the wisdom to recognize them and the strength and courage to step through them.

Roni (Makayla) went to school, Emma went to the sitter and Lena and I to work.  We sent text messages to one another, sharing sweet nothings and telling each other how excited we were in anticipation of God’s wonderful work.  I had purchased some Lillis for Lena (she prefers them over roses) and was thinking about what else to get her.  Then it came to me…a bible.  I would get us a bible to bring us even closer to God and each other.  I went to Gospel World and picked out a beautiful New Living Translation, Life Application Study Bible (I highly recommend it if you have trouble following the “Thees” and “Thous” of the KJV or NKJV).  Because it also had a beautiful price tag, I sent another text to Lena telling her that I was getting something for the both of us for Valentine’s Day.  I just didn’t tell her what it was (she hates it when I do that :D)  When she replied, “When do I get it?”, I told her I’d bring it right away.

When I walked into Cycle Masters (where she works), she told me not to come around the counter yet.  She scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to her friend Desirae and told her to hold onto it without reading it.  I walked around the counter and handed the gift-wrapped bible to my wife.  She smiled, and as she was opening it, she told Desirae to look at the paper.  I couldn’t help but smile as Desirae turned the paper around…it read “engraved bible”.  I had the woman at Gospel World engrave it “Guy & Lena Wolfe”.   Told you she was my other half!

So how does this tie in with prayer?  I had to tell you all that to get to this.

I kept the bible with me when I left.  It was around 11:00 am when I brought it to Lena to open.  Around 3:00 pm, I had to meet the bus to pick Makayla and Caitlin (my daughter and Roni’s sister) up for tennis practice.  I had some time to kill, and since I had the bible with me, I opened it.  I didn’t have any particular place in mind, nor did I search for a verse that might catch my eye.  I simply opened the book…to Psalms.  Not just Psalms, but the very beginning of Psalms where it describes what they are for and how they are written.  I began to read…

Psalms was written to “provide poetry for the expression of praise, worship and confession to God.”  Hmmm…I like that.  My grandfather was a published poet and inspired me to write at the tender young age of 10.  It also said that friends and acquaintances mostly give each other lip service when we greet one another (paraphrasing here)…you know…the traditional “Hey, how are ya?” and the “Fine, you?” routine.  Now here’s the awesome part:

“But if this (tossing cliches at each other) is the essence of our communication, our relationships (remember…this blog is a 90-day relationship builder) will stall on a superficial plateau.  Facts and opinions also fill our verbiage.  These words go deeper, but the true person still lies hidden beneath them.  In reality, only when honest feelings and emotions are shared can real people be known, loved and helped.  Often, patterns of superficial communication spill over into our talks with God.  We easily slide through well-worn lines recited for decades, or we quickly toss a cliche or two at God and call it prayer.  Certainly God hears and understands these feeble attempts, but by limiting the depth of our communication, we become shallow in our relationship with Him.  But God knows us, and He wants to have genuine communication with us.”

Holy cow!  That’s exactly what we did last night!  We prayed from our hearts and in earnest.  We spoke to God, and He heard our prayers.  I’m one that doesn’t believe in coincidence.  What are the odds that I buy a bible for my wife and I for Valentine’s Day, take it with me in my truck while at work, decide to open it while I have a few minutes (to even have a few minutes was a miracle in itself!), then open it without conscious thought as to where to begin, then read that we’re supposed to pray from the heart and in earnest?  I immediately experienced a chill down the back of my neck, and tears welled up in my eyes.  Praise God!

I spoke with my sister in Nashville, TN later that day about what God was doing in my life.  She’s a born-again, sold-out believer child of God, and she was a great encouragement.  When I told her I got tears and tingles (which I also experienced at the ironing board the day before, by the way :)), she said they weren’t tears and tingles.  She said they were Holy Ghost Bumps…goosebumps from God.  Sometimes we experience them when we feel the Holy Ghost so near or when we connect with God’s will for our lives.  BAM! I got ’em again.  That’s what God wants me to call this blog!  And here we are :D.

So to recap…Day 1)  pray together and from the heart.  Don’t pray the cliche!  God bless you.


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